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What's Wrong With Your Website? Find Out Now.

Have you ever asked yourself “What’s wrong with my website?”

Well, there’s usually a real good reason for asking that question, and it’s usually something like “My website isn’t making me ANY money, and I know it should!”

What makes it even more agonizing is that you hear that people and companies are making thousands, even millions of dollars from their websites, but for some reason you weren’t invited to that party.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

You can examine your own website and marketing to see how your site matches up, but there’s a good chance that you’ll be blind to most of the problems with your site. In fact, that’s probably why you’re reading this article right now. You’re just too familiar with your site, and probably too invested in its current form.

So let’s get you invited to the “website money party” and figure out what’s wrong with your website.

Get your own “Website Profitability Review” now.

The review is inexpensive, and you’ll discover exactly how to make more money from your website. If you implement any of the changes that I’ll recommend, you’ll earn your investment back in no time. And, 100% of the Review fee is applied to any future work you ask me to do for you to build or update your website. Sound Fair? So ultimately, it can be free to you. Here’s what’s included:

  • Target Market Analysis — Who you think your site is built for, and how that differs from who it’s really built for.
  • SEO Analysis — How clear and understandable is your website to the search engines? Does Google really know what you’re site is about? I’ll run through my 12-point SEO checklist to find out.
  • Lead Capture Analysis — Almost no one buys anything the first time they visit a site. Statistics show that 99% of your visitors will leave without every buying a thing. But, there are some simple techniques to engage and capture leads. These methods are so effective that they can increase sales by 500%. I’ll fill you in on how you’re doing with Lead Capture.
  • Usability Analysis — The easier you make it for your customers to buy from you, the more sales you’ll make 9and the fewer customers you’ll chase away).
  • Sales Funnel Analysis — Not all sales are made online. Some require a handshake. Still, there’s a process, and if it’s flawed, I’ll help you make it better.

Your four part website review is just $97, and fully applied to any future web development work I do for you.

Reserve Your Website Profitability Review Now. Click Here.