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So here’s a question for you: When you want to have a new website developed for your company, do you need to work with a company that is nearby, geographically? For example, if your business is in West Hills, California, is it necessary to find a West Hills Web Development company?

Well, yes and now.

In the grand scheme of things, if your web developer knows how to do his business, being far apart isn’t an issue. There are tools that allow you and I to share a screen, and see exactly what the other is seeing, right on your computer screen. We’ve got the ability to do online video chat, send emails, send instant messages, and a few other cool things to make it seem as though we’re right next to each other.

Working together when we’re far apart has never been easier.

That said, there is one critical problem with being far apart from your website developer. If your business is a business that serves a local community, such as tradesmen (plumbers, carpenters), professionals (like lawyers and doctors) or even involved in something that is very much tied to the local community (such as a real estate agent), then there is a sensibility about the local community that is important.

Not all communities are the same, and if the image that your website needs to project is reflective of the community that you serve, then you’d better be darn sure your web developer understands that.

Barring that, make sure that your web developer at least understands that building a website for Los Angeles, California isn’t quite the same as developing one for Caruthersville, Tennessee.

At West Hills Web, we understand that. That’s why we’ll be building your website with your local community in mind.

Our websites for local businesses are far more than a pretty postcard from home, though. They are all built with the latest tools so that your site can integrate with (and get leads from) social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Your new local website will be built to rank highly on the search engines for its most important keywords, and then turn the traffic that comes from the search engines into leads.

Your website needs to do more than just act pretty. It needs to fill your business with new leads and new buyers.

That’s why people work with West Hills Web when they want websites for local businesses.

To Your Success,

–Mark Widawer

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