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You work hard.
Your Employees work hard.
Shouldn’t your web site work hard?
If it doesn’t, then it wasn’t built by West Hills Web.

Let’s face it. Your web site wasn’t built for vanity. It was built for sales and marketing. And if it’s not doing it’s job, it should be fired.

At West Hills Web, we focus our efforts on your Online ROI. You have invested real money in your web site. But if it is just sitting there waiting for the occasional visitor, then it is costing you more money every day in lost opportunities.

Here’s what we do. . .


We’ll build you an excellent web site, appropriate for its purpose, but not overblown with useless technologies you don’t need (but which would have earned us high fees). Whether you are creating a corporate presence website for your traditional enterprise, or are opening an online store, we’ll design (or redesign) and build the right website for you.


What’s a website without visitors? We use FOUR key elements to attract visitors to your site. Just about everyone does Search Engine Optimization, but so many leave out the critical elements. Not us.

We’ll also run your Keyword Purchase Program for your Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. PPC is the single most effective method of creating almost immediate traffic for any site.

Neither of these programs would be complete without our Content Development Services. Search Engines — and humans — LOVE new content. We’ll develop it for you.

Finally, we preserve every last drop of potential revenue with our Permission Marketing Programs. Don’t know what this is? Not many people do, but it’s the secret to our success.


We’ll establish and report on your site’s traffic, allowing you to watch your site grow in popularity. Of course, you’ll be able to see the growth because of the parallel growth of your bank accounts, but we’ll show you real numbers that you’ll understand so you know our program is effective.


Marketing is not a one-shot deal. It’s an ongoing effort. By understanding and interpreting our measurements, we’ll know the next steps to take, the new pages to build, the new keywords to buy, and the information your visitors will really want.

The net result of our efforts is an insanely great Online ROI for your site.

If success for your website is on your to-do list, contact us today. We’ll have a brief consultation, and if we feel you’re a good match for each other, we’ll talk further.

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