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Websites For Local Businesses

Websites-For-Local-BusinessesWebsites for local businesses are a bit different than websites for national or global companies.

Do you own a local business? If you do, then you probably already know that websites for local businesses need to be different than, say, Amazon.com or Facebook. But what are those differences, and why do they matter to you?

1) Websites for Local Businesses are more personality-driven

Your local business website is your opportunity to be just a little bit famous, and frankly it’s high time that you were.

You provide a good service or a quality product. You care about your customers. You always do a good job. You know your stuff, and you know that anyone who doesn’t hire you or buy from you is frankly going to miss out on getting his problem solved or his real needs fulfilled.

You know your customers and your customers know you. You ought to have a website that

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West Hills Web Development

So here’s a question for you: When you want to have a new website developed for your company, do you need to work with a company that is nearby, geographically? For example, if your business is in West Hills, California, is it necessary to find a West Hills Web Development company?

Well, yes and now.

In the grand scheme of things, if your web developer knows how to do his business, being far apart isn’t an issue. There are tools that allow you and I to share a screen, and see exactly what the other is seeing, right on your computer screen. We’ve got the ability to do online video chat, send emails, send instant messages, and a few other cool things to make it seem as though we’re right next to each other.

Working together when we’re far apart has never been easier.

That said, there is one critical problem with being far apart from your website developer. If your business is a business that serves a local community, such as tradesmen (plumbers, carpenters), professionals (like lawyers and doctors) or even involved in something that is very much tied to the local community (such as a real estate agent), then

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Internet Marketing

Building a website is one thing…actually getting traffic and selling stuff is something else altogether different.

So how will you get traffic?

And how will you convert that traffic to sales?

A lot of business owners think of their website as a fancy online brochure, but that’s the last thing it should be.

Think of it instead as a 24 hour online sales person.

Your website allows you to attract new visitors all the time and make sales all the time.

But getting traffic is not a trivial thing — with thousands or millions of other businesses competing for the same customers as you, you need to

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