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Do you live in the San Fernando Valley? And are you looking for local web hosting?

At the northern part of Los Angeles Country, the San Fernando Valley is a hub of business and residential activity. If you were to choose a “capital” of the San Fernando Valley, it would have to be Van Nuys, where we have a court house, federal buildings, and more. And if you had to pick a business center, it would have to be Warner Center in Woodland Hills.With over 2,000,000 residents, if it were a state, it would be larger than 12 other states, including Hawaii and Idaho. It’s a pretty busy and bustling place.

But the SFV is not a city or state of its own. It’s an area that is actually made up of several cities.

The San Fernando Valley stretches from Burbank on the east, past Van Nuys, Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, West Hills, Panorama City, Northridge, Granada Hills, Porter Ranch and Chatsworth.

Knowing all of that, where is the best place to actually host your website? Should you look for San Fernando Valley Web Hosting?

Actually (and surprisingly) no.  Not necessarily.

When I used to run my own web hosting here at West Hills Web, I used to also think that my servers had to be close by. I don’t any more.

You’re much better off choosing your web hosting company based on lots of other factors besides location. You need to take into account the reliability of the servers (I like Dell servers best), the knowledge and availability of their technical support (I like to use online chat any time of day or night), and the use of standard web hosting control panel software (I think Cpanel is the best, and it’s certainly the most popular).

If you’re in the San Fernando Valley and looking for web hosting, find out more about what we do for West Hills Web hosting here.


Are you looking for local web hosting?

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