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Why Web Hosting Is NOT Your Most Important Decision

Web-Hosting-Is-NOT-Your-Most-Important-DecisionThis may sound a little bit crazy, but your web hosting company is NOT the most important decision you should be making right now.

Honestly, deciding where to host your website is easy.

You want a place that offers incredibly boring, reliable and standard computers. You want industry standard tools to manage your website. You want excellent tech support when you have questions or issues, and you want it all for cheap.

Honestly, that’s easy. Just host your website here.

More important than your web hosting company is what you actually DO with your website. Because, after all is said and done, if your website doesn’t help you get more

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Woodland Hills, CA Web Hosting

Woodland-Hills-CA-Web-HostingThe thing about web hosting is that it doesn’t need to be local. Even if you list in Chatsworth, California, and you’re looking for local Chatsworth CA Web Hosting, what you really need is a facility that is built to withstand just about any kind of disaster.

You want a web host with…

  • Redundant power sources
  • A secure Data Center
  • Hundreds of knowledgeable tech support staff
  • Standard control panel so you can self-manage your website.
  • A 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • And a company that stands behind every service it provides.

That’s why you want to go with

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San Fernando Valley Web Hosting

Do you live in the San Fernando Valley? And are you looking for local web hosting?

At the northern part of Los Angeles Country, the San Fernando Valley is a hub of business and residential activity. If you were to choose a “capital” of the San Fernando Valley, it would have to be Van Nuys, where we have a court house, federal buildings, and more. And if you had to pick a business center, it would have to be Warner Center in Woodland Hills.With over 2,000,000 residents, if it were a state, it would be larger than 12 other states, including Hawaii and Idaho. It’s a pretty busy and bustling place.

But the SFV is not a city or state of its own. It’s an area that is actually made up of several cities.

The San Fernando Valley stretches from Burbank on the east, past Van Nuys, Encino, Tarzana, Woodland Hills, Calabasas, West Hills, Panorama City, Northridge, Granada Hills, Porter Ranch and Chatsworth.

Knowing all of that, where is the best place to actually host your website? Should you

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Cheap web hosting

Does cheap web hosting really exist?

Or here’s a better question: Does cheap, QUALITY web hosting really exist?

The answer used to be No.

I had a programmer friend who used to answer any kind of a cost question with this question:

“Good, fast, cheap. Pick two.”

What does it mean?

It means you can’t have it good and fast, unless it’s not cheap.  You can’t have it good and cheap unless you don’t need it fast. And you can’t have it fast and cheap

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How to move my site to a new server

If you’ve ever wondered about moving your website to a new web hosting company, and whether it’d be a real hassle, the answer is YES.

Moving to a new web hosting company, or a new server is A REAL PAIN IN THE BUTT!

That’s why I recommend you don’t do it.

That’s why I recommend you let someone else do it.

Hostgator is one of the world’s largest web hosting companies. And it just so happens that they’re the web hosting company where West Hills Web is located, and where we recommend you now host your website.

One of the reasons we recommend Hostgator, besides their reliability, their value ($10/month), and their 24-hour immediate tech support via chat and phone, is that they

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West Hills Web Hosting

For a while, we believed that it was better to run our own server, and for several years we did. We had our server hosted at a top-notch Los Angeles based data center, and the guys who maintained the boxes were wicked smart.

But now and then an issue would come up that we couldn’t handle quickly, either for us, or our clients. So, eventually we discovered that there was something more important than “local hosting”.

Uptime is important. Security is important. The latest technology is important. Reliability is important. 24 hour tech support is important.

That’s why, if you want your website hosted, you may as well have it hosted by

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